Central City Tennis and Basketball Court Renovation

City of Polk City, Florida
 Central City Tennis and Basketball Court Renovation
Request for Proposals

The City of Polk City, Florida, is requesting cost proposals for the resurfacing of its Central Tennis and Basketball Court.  The scope of the work will include complete resurfacing and striping of the tennis court and basketball court (130’ x 80’ surface); and replacement of the tennis net and basketball backboards and nets.  Specific work will include cleaning the surface area, patching of areas holding more than 1/8” of water, filling of cracks wider than 1/16”, application of resurfacer, and application of color surface and playing lines.  All work shall be in accordance with USTA and ASBA Standards.  Additional accessories including benches, installed trash cans, and shade structures may be requested by the City as part of the project depending on cost and budget.  A description and cost for these items should be included as separate line items in the proposal.

Sealed Bids, in two (2) originals, for furnishing the services, supplies or equipment described above will be accepted at the City of Polk City, c/o Patricia Jackson, City Manager, 123 Broadway Blvd SE, Polk City, FL 33868, until 3:00 pm on January 26, 2016. Under no circumstances shall any proposal be accepted after the above-stipulated date and time. All submittals will be stamped as to the date and time the proposal was submitted. The date and time stamp shall be used to determine the timely basis of all submittals.

All submittal envelopes should be clearly marked, “Sealed Bids – Central City Tennis and Basketball Court Renovation”

For additional project information including a site survey or to schedule a visit to the project site please contact:

Kathy Delp, Public Works Director
City of Polk City, Florida
Phone: 863-984-1375, ex 247
Email: kathy.delp@mypolkcity.org

CITY’S RIGHTS RESERVED: The City reserves the right to reject any or all submittals, to waive any informality in a proposal and/or in the procurement process, and to make awards, if awarded, to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder as deemed in the best interest of the City.

Polk City is an Equal Opportunity Employer.