City Commission Workshop – Low Impact Design & Development – June 26

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Subject:  As part of the mini-grant awarded to the City by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity – Competitive Florida program, the Southwest Florida Water Management District and the Central Florida Regional Planning Council will provide an overview of Low Impact Design and Development and the benefits to development sites and water quality.

The purpose of this interactive workshop is to discuss residential and non-residential property aspects for low impact development (LID) and water conservation practices critical to existing and all types of future development in the Polk City Exemption Area and the Green Swamp Area of Critical State Concern.  Water Conservation and LID are imperative to the future of Polk City’s viability.  In order to optimize development on limited non-residential properties, LID techniques offer space-saving yet innovative and effective stormwater treatment prior to discharge into the Green Swamp Area of Critical State Concern.

Low Impact Development (LID) is defined as:  Design techniques used to maintain or replicate pre-development hydrologic regimes by creating a functionally equivalent hydrologic landscape. LID encompasses a variety of stormwater management techniques, including bio-swales, rain gardens, and pervious pavements. These techniques reduce the amount of effective impervious area in a watershed, lessening the watershed volumes and runoff rates.