City of Lakeland Gas Pipeline Maintenance


The City of Lakeland will be purging approximately 7 miles of natural gas pipeline so that a qualified gas pipeline contractor can replace a pipe. The venting process will take place on November 13, 2017 at The FGT, Polk City Gas Yard on Old Polk City Road. There could be a very loud high pitched noise that may for one – two hours as the system is purged.

When pipeline segments are taken out of service for maintenance purposes, it is standard practice to depressurize the pipeline and vent the system. An inert gas (nitrogen) is used to purge any residual natural gas contained within the pipeline to make it safe for the maintenance work to occur.

After the pipe is installed, natural gas will be allowed to flow back into the pipeline.

The recharging of the natural gas pipeline is scheduled to occur between November 14th and 17th, 2017 depending on how the work progresses. When the inert gas is purged there will be a loud high pitched noise at McIntosh Power Plant, 3030 E. Lake Parker Drive, Lakeland.

Any questions should be directed to Mr. John Durbin of Lakeland Electric. You can phone him at (863)834-8600 or email him at