Community Development


The community development department is responsible for the planning and zoning aspects in the city to ensure a sustainable community for all residents. The code enforcement division implements property codes within the city limits set by the city charter.

The planning board is comprised of five Polk City residents appointed by the city council who meet every third Tuesday at 7 p.m.


Under the realm of community development there is code enforcement, buildings, planning, and zoning. All work together to develop and maintain a quality community for Polk City businesses and residents.

Learn more about the services provided by the Community Development departments below:


The Building Department is responsible for issuing Building Permits, evaluating site plan submittals, investigating minimum housing violations and complaints, ensuring new construction and renovation projects compliance with current building code, and answering questions and concerns of the public regarding construction and renovation.

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Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Department is responsible for evaluating properties for compliance with City Ordinances, receiving and evaluating complaints involving violations of city ordinances, investigating minimum housing violations and complaints, observing and removing unauthorized signs in the public right-of-way, and answering questions and concerns of the public regarding city ordinances.

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Planning and Zoning

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The Library is responsible for providing library resources to the community of Polk City.

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