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Provides services for the parks, streets, water, and sewer for the residents of Polk City.

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The Parks Department maintains the landscaping and equipment in all of Polk Cities parks, oversees all activities run by the city within the parks, and provides access to public facilities for private activities.

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The Streets Department maintains the streets, sidewalks, signs and right-of-way within Polk City.

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The Water Department maintains 2 pump stations, distribution lines and meters as well  as utility billing for Polk City residents and businesses.

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The Sewer Department maintains 2 lift stations and sewer lines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Public Works

Contact the Public Works Department at 863-984-1375 x227 during normal duty hours regarding water problems/leaks. The after hours emergency number is 1-866-815-0074.

Garbage is picked up on Monday and Thursday mornings

Yard waste is picked up on Wednesday mornings.

Contact the electric company providing service in your area.

Newspaper, other paper products, cardboard, plastic and any metal. Do not recycle any paper materials which are waxed or have been contaminated such as a pizza box.

You may pick up recycling bins at the Utilities Department, 220 Bougainvillea Ave, Polk City.

Water connection requires a deposit. You must also provide a driver’s license and a copy of your lease or proof of ownership. Residential Water Connection Application

The water deposit is broken down by the type of occupancy and the location of the property either within or outside city limits. Please call the Water Department for the current rates. High risk properties may have higher deposits. You may apply for water connection by clicking on the blue text: Water Utility Application

The city has a commercial water connection deposit of $300 inside the city limits and $350 outside the city limits.

The water deposit is refunded when the account is closed. The final bill will be deducted from the deposit and the rest returned to the customer.


No, Just a deposit.

No, If you have a leak shut down the water to the home as soon as possible and effect repairs.

Mail your bill to: Polk City Utilities, 123 Broadway Blvd SE, Polk City, Florida, 33868. You may also pay it in person at 123 Broadway Blvd SE, Polk City or drop it inside the drop box at the Broadway Blvd address.

Call the Utilities department at 984-1375 x221 and request the amount owed. It is still your responsibility to keep up with your account.

Water reconnection will only take place after the overdue amount and a $50 reconnection fee is paid.

Accounts can be terminated over the phone or by visiting the Utilities Department at 220 Bougainvillea Ave. If terminated by phone a password will be required.

The water meters are the property of the City of Polk City.

Not normally. Only under extreme circumstances would the city consider doing this.

Contact the Emergency after hours number: 1-866-815-0074

Yes, Presently there are watering restrictions in effect; You may view them on our website at our watering restrictions page: Southwest Florida Water Management District

Don’t do it!!! Water meters are the property of the city and you can be arrested for water theft, have fines levied and/or have your water meter removed until all fines are paid.

Contact Information

Keith Prestage
Public Works Director

Kelly Downing
Administrative Assistant

123 Broadway Blvd SE
Polk City, FL 33868

Ph: 863-984-1375 ext 232
Fx: 863-984-2334

Emergency After Hours: 866-815-0074

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