Frequently Asked Questions

Building Permits

Any individual or entity, who intends to construct a new structure, install a mobile home, add a fence or enlarge, alter, move, demolish or repair a presently existing building, structure or mobile home shall first obtain a building permit.
An individual who intends to erect a sign of any description, install fire extinguishing equipment, elevators, engines, steam boilers, furnaces, incinerators or other heat-producing apparatuses on real property or any structure located on real property shall first obtain a building permit therefore for such installation.
The Permit Application can be downloaded from this hyperlink: Building Permit Application

Generally a permit usually costs $25.00 for the first $1,000 of construction and $5.00 additional for every additional $1,000 of construction costs. This is in addition to the administration fee and any other fees which may occur for new construction. Normally a permit for $1,000 worth of construction will be $50.

Once the application is submitted is normally takes about two business days. If your contractor is not registered to work in the City the permit can be held until they complete registration. Permits submitted with drawings for review will not be completed until a review of the submittals has taken place.

The Application for this can be downloaded at this blue hyperlink: Building Permit Application

If you’re unsure it is best to check. Just give us a call at (863) 984-8423 or drop us an e-mail.

By State law all permit fees are doubled. The City has also adopted a $1,000.00 fine for contractors or $250.00 for home owners doing their own work without a permit. The Code Enforcement Special Magistrate will review all such fines following the receipt of a written request from the property owner(s). The owner will then be notified of their hearing date via a Notice to Appear from the Code Enforcement Section.

Code Enforcement

Florida Statutes, Title XI, Chapter 162(8) states: ” The provisions of this section are additional and supplemental means of enforcing county or municipal codes or ordinances and may be used for the enforcement of any code or ordinance, or for the enforcement of all codes and ordinances.” City Publications and Forms

Should you wish to file a complaint you may do so by using the complaint form located in this website or by calling the Code Enforcement Officer at (863) 984-1375 x231. Fill out the form and then mail it, fax it or drop it off in the Utilities mailbox. Code Enforcement will evaluate the complaint.

The complaint form may be downloaded at this blue hyperlink: Code Enforcement Complaint Form

Yes, The public may download the complaint form and send it to the city by identified means. The Complaint form can be downloaded at this hyperlink: Code Enforcement Complaint Form

  • Code enforcement is initiated by a complaint from a citizen or city review by staff.
  • Initially an informational letter is left at the property advising the occupant of the violation. The occupant is generally given seven days to correct the problem.
  • If uncorrected the next stop is a Notice of Violation which is sent Certified and 1st Class mail to the property owner. The letter identifies what the violation is and advises how to correct it. A time frame is given for correction depending on the seriousness of the violation.
  • Should the violation continue to be uncorrected a Notice to Appear at the Code Enforcement Hearing is sent to the owner via Certified and 1st class mail. Attendance is not mandatory; however failure to attend may affect the owner’s ability to appeal the Findings of Fact. It is at this point a fine may be assigned and a lien on the property imposed.
  • Should the violation continue to be uncorrected at some point (a minimum of three months after the lien is filed) the City may choose to foreclose on the property. Homestead properties can not be foreclosed on, but the lien will remain on file and should the property be sold the lien will be satisfied from the money transferred during the sale of the property at closing.
  • Property owners may request a fine abatement or reduction by contacting the Code Enforcement Officer and requesting to be placed on the agenda for a Code Enforcement Hearing. Case will be reviewed by the special magistrate.
  • All actions taken by the Special Magistrate and the Code Enforcement Officer can be reviewed by a court.

Polk City requires that all vehicles and trailers be registered. Vehicles or trailers without license plates can be declared derelict or abandoned.

Vehicles must appear to be operable. Vehicles which have been left in a inoperable state for greater than 72 hours will be identified as being in violation.

Trailers and RV’s if stored near your residence must be at least five feet behind the front edge of the house. If you live on a corner the trailer must be five feet behind the walls facing the streets.

So long as the tire does not have a rim affixed you may schedule a pick up by calling Polk City Utilities. Appliances may also be scheduled for pick up by calling (863)984-8423

Junk is defined as: “any personal property that has only a nominal value or of little significance, including, but not limited to, pieces of old cable or cordage, mats, swabs or oakum, old iron, glass, paper or other waste or secondhand, worn or discarded articles, or other refuse of any nature.” This being said all you have to do is ask yourself: “Would I want to see this item in my neighbors yard?” If the answer is no…then it is junk.

Human Resources

We have our avaliable jobs posted on this site. Access them by clicking on the following link.

Current Job Listings

You can pick up a copy of the employment application at City Hall or you may download it at this hyperlink: Employment Application

City of Polk City
Human Resources, Attn: Sheandolen Dunn
123 Broadway Blvd SE
Polk City, Florida 33868
Fax to (863) 984-2334

New Resident Information

Polk City Utilities is responsible for providing water to its residents. You may apply for water connection at 123 Broadway Blvd SE, Polk City. You may also download the application form from this website. Click on the blue link for additional information
Electricity is provided to the city from two sources. You will need to contact either Lakeland Electric or Tampa Electric (TECO).

Water Homepage

Polk City has a recycling program. The City will provide to city residents a yellow plastic box in which you may place un-waxed paper, cardboard (no food residue) plastic and metal of any kind.

Recycling pick up is on Monday mornings.

The City parks information can be viewed at this link:

Polk City Park Information

Except in AG-1 districts, no person shall breed or maintain farm animals, fowl, or other livestock within Polk City.

Except on property zoned AG-1 or AG-2, no person shall keep or maintain more than two domestic cats or dogs age six months or older.

Dogs or cats must be maintained in a dwelling or a completely fenced enclosure or be in compliance with county, state or municipal leash laws when outdoors.

Polk City has disaster information published on this webpage. Polk City Disaster Information Link

Garbage is picked up on Monday and Thursday mornings.

Yard waste is picked up on Wednesday mornings.

School information can be located at the referenced website Polk City Schools

Yes, Domestic cats or dogs are not allowed to roam freely throughout the city, either supervised or not, unless restrained by a leash. All pet dogs and cats shall be properly licensed and have up to date immunization history with records.

The Fire Department, Police and Ambulance emergency services may all be contacted using 911.

If you need to contact another branch of the City Government you can do so at: Contact a Polk City Department

Occupational Licenses

A Occupational License issued from the city provides City Residents assurance that the business / contractor has met the State Mandated qualifications for their business or profession, has appropriate insurances and meets other associated requirements.

If you are planning on running a business within the city limits (even just a office) a Occupational License is required.

The application for the Occupational License can be downloaded from this website and faxed, mailed or hand carried to City Hall .

The application can be downloaded at this hyperlink: Occupational License Application

There is a $10.00 application fee required annually.

A license expires 1 year from the date of issue.

Yes. The requirements for a home occupancy can be viewed from the cities Code of Ordinances. This document can be viewed from this website under Polk City Code of Ordinances, Chapter 26, Article III. This can be viewed at Polk City Code of Ordinances

Parks & Recreation

The City parks information can be viewed at this link:

Polk City Park Information

The Polk City website will be updated with event schedules. If you have questions about events or have an idea for a new event please contact Polk City City Hall at 863-984-1375.

Contact the Polk City Public Works department, 863-984-1375 x227. They can provide you with documents necessary. In the future we will have these on our website.

Yes, call City Hall for pricing. The city has a requirement for a $200.00 security deposit for making Freedom Park restrooms available after normal hours of operation.


Dial 9-1-1

You may call 1(800)226-0344

Yes! You may complete the Sherriffs survey. This document may be mailed to the Police at the address on the Left, faxed to them at 984-1984 or simply dropped in the Utilities dropbox outside the building accross from the Library. This document may be retrieved by clicking on: Sheriff’s Survey

Public Works

Contact the Public Works Department at 863-984-1375 x227 during normal duty hours regarding water problems/leaks. The after hours emergency number is 1-866-815-0074.

Garbage is picked up on Monday and Thursday mornings

Yard waste is picked up on Wednesday mornings.

Contact the electric company providing service in your area.

Newspaper, other paper products, cardboard, plastic and any metal. Do not recycle any paper materials which are waxed or have been contaminated such as a pizza box.

You may pick up recycling bins at the Utilities Department, 220 Bougainvillea Ave, Polk City.

Water connection requires a deposit. You must also provide a driver’s license and a copy of your lease or proof of ownership. Residential Water Connection Application

The water deposit is broken down by the type of occupancy and the location of the property either within or outside city limits. Please call the Water Department for the current rates. High risk properties may have higher deposits. You may apply for water connection by clicking on the blue text: Water Utility Application

The city has a commercial water connection deposit of $300 inside the city limits and $350 outside the city limits.

The water deposit is refunded when the account is closed. The final bill will be deducted from the deposit and the rest returned to the customer.


No, Just a deposit.

No, If you have a leak shut down the water to the home as soon as possible and effect repairs.

Mail your bill to: Polk City Utilities, 123 Broadway Blvd SE, Polk City, Florida, 33868. You may also pay it in person at 123 Broadway Blvd SE, Polk City or drop it inside the drop box at the Broadway Blvd address.

Call the Utilities department at 984-1375 x221 and request the amount owed. It is still your responsibility to keep up with your account.

Water reconnection will only take place after the overdue amount and a $50 reconnection fee is paid.

Accounts can be terminated over the phone or by visiting the Utilities Department at 220 Bougainvillea Ave. If terminated by phone a password will be required.

The water meters are the property of the City of Polk City.

Not normally. Only under extreme circumstances would the city consider doing this.

Contact the Emergency after hours number: 1-866-815-0074

Yes, Presently there are watering restrictions in effect; You may view them on our website at our watering restrictions page: Southwest Florida Water Management District

Don’t do it!!! Water meters are the property of the city and you can be arrested for water theft, have fines levied and/or have your water meter removed until all fines are paid.