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Polk City Utilities is responsible for providing water to its residents. You may apply for water connection at 123 Broadway Blvd SE, Polk City. You may also download the application form from this website. Click on the blue link for additional information Electricity is provided to the city from two sources. You will need to contact either Lakeland Electric or Tampa Electric (TECO). Water Homepage
Polk City has a recycling program. The City will provide to city residents a yellow plastic box in which you may place un-waxed paper, cardboard (no food residue) plastic and metal of any kind. Recycling pick up is on Monday mornings.
The City parks information can be viewed at this link: Polk City Park Information
Except in AG-1 districts, no person shall breed or maintain farm animals, fowl, or other livestock within Polk City. Except on property zoned AG-1 or AG-2, no person shall keep or maintain more than two domestic cats or dogs age six months or older. Dogs or cats must be maintained in a dwelling or a completely fenced enclosure or be in compliance with county, state or municipal leash laws when outdoors.
Polk City has disaster information published on this webpage. Polk City Disaster Information Link
Garbage is picked up on Monday and Thursday mornings. Yard waste is picked up on Wednesday mornings.
School information can be located at the referenced website Polk City Schools
Yes, Domestic cats or dogs are not allowed to roam freely throughout the city, either supervised or not, unless restrained by a leash. All pet dogs and cats shall be properly licensed and have up to date immunization history with records.
The Fire Department, Police and Ambulance emergency services may all be contacted using 911. If you need to contact another branch of the City Government you can do so at: Contact a Polk City Department